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Customer Reviews
«These work super well! I'm pretty impressed. I wasn't sure it would be this good. It works very slick. Sticks well, stays in place great and even our table is balanced again» Shimmy B, California
«This is a must have for anyone with hardwood or laminate floors. I use them on everything, chairs, tables, bookstands, plants, anything that touches my floor. My dinning chairs slide in and out so easy and no worries of scratching or marking the floors at all!» Teresa L, New York
«We made a new beautiful wood floor in our home. Moving our large pieces of furniture around is always a concern because of the scratches. No more! X-Protector pads protect us from getting dents in the wood perfectly!» Christy K, Dallas
«The various sizes and two colors was what I needed! Because of the different sizes and colors of my furniture I always have problem with matching of pads. But these two packets decided my problems! In addition the large felt pieces allowed me to cut-to-fit on odd shaped furniture bases» Melissa N, Denver
«Very good self-adhesive felt pads. The adhesive is pretty strong so make sure to line it up correctly the first time. I've had them on for over two months and so far the pads haven't slipped off the chair feet when you move the chair.» Jaclyn S, Rock Springs
«These are excellent furniture pads! We used them in our new house on the bottom of chair legs and any furniture that sits on my wood floors. I've also padded the bottom of all my lamps, plants, boxes, and anything else that could potentially scratch my wood table tops.» David D, Atlanta