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Furniture ideas for small places

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Big apartments are usually about too much free space which doesn’t seem to be used properly. However, you can still feel cozy owning a small flat and even have as much free space as, big apartment owners. Placing furniture when you have enough space is, obviously, an easier task than playing Tetris around the house. But being patient and knowing some tips can change your life for the better. 

How to prepare yourself before starting this reorganizing journey?

Firstly, before starting to transform the living place, make sure that you have special helpers which will make the process calm and unstressed. Those helpers are our furniture sliders which are designed especially for that kind of activity. 
Secondly, let yourself spend the day styling your apartment. And don’t feel guilty for wasting precious time because you are doing it for pleasure only.

So the tips are the following: 

1. Swap a Sofa for Club Chairs 

If you don't have room for both a sofa and club chairs, ditch the sofa and choose two cozy armchairs instead. Don’t forget to move them using our furniture moving discs to avoid floor scratching.

2. Choose a larger rug 

Choosing a larger rug, even in a bold pattern, is a trick that makes a room feel bigger. Unlike smaller rugs, the large size doesn't visually break up the floor. You can also use our carpet gripper for the rug so it won’t slide.

3. Let the light pour in 

If your room has access to sunlight, you should forget about dark curtains. Natural light will help the space look more open.

4. Choose white color for the walls

Keep walls and ceilings all white to brighten up the space. This way you can add life by placing colorful furniture and the walls won't take all attention from bright furniture elements.

5. Keep it cozy. 

Follow the rules and use felt furniture pads to make the process of organizing your flat less stressful and damaging.

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