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Life hacks for loggia design

We always get inspired by lovely design of loggia. Sometimes people even turn them into a full-fledged rest area, just putting a comfortable recliner with small coffee table and some plants may create a very cozy room for your mornings or evenings. While you can also search for those inspirational pictures of loggia interior, we’d like to share some practical tips for designing a small space like loggia. 1. The light color of the walls visually expands the area. Also, it is better not to choose blue shade which looses its brightness quickly because of the sun. 2. Don’t reject folding furniture - even a “serious looking” desk can have a lifting lid so you can hide it when needed and save the space. 3. To protect the place from the burning sun, you may wanna use thick curtains made of natural fabrics (cotton and linen) or hang those special reflective window films. It reflects most of the sun's rays, not allowing the heat to penetrate into the room. 4. Do you want to install flooring that is pleasant to touch ? Choose insulated linoleum, or a rug made of moisture-resistant fabric. If you are worried that your rug will be sliding over the room, simple attach rug grippers underneath.

rug grippers

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