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Living room: how to make a room stylish with X-Protector furniture protectors!

floor protectors for furniture legs

How to decorate a living room correctly? What should be considered while receiving guests or simply watching the series in the evening with the family was a pleasure? We will show you how to combine practicality and functionality with beauty and comfort.

4 tips for decorating your living room

To make your living room look modern and stylish, you need:

  • come up with a spotlight. It can be a stylish coffee table, designer chandelier, TV, or fireplace. Choose the "trick" of the living room, but do not overdo it with trifles: many photographs, figurines, vases look tasteless;
  • choose a style. Decide how you want to see it before you start arranging the living room: in the style of high-tech, minimalism, country, classics? So the design of the living room in the apartment will be special, although it will require more investment;
  • install multiple light sources. Unlike the design of a hallway in an apartment, one light source is not enough. We recommend soft lighting to help you and your guests relax. One chandelier is not enough. Use light sources on floors and walls, and highlight specific areas. For spacious rooms, massive floor lamps are suitable, for small rooms - neat stylish lamps;
  • determine in what color the design of the room is made. Since the living room is intended for relaxation, we do not recommend using bright colors. Relaxing shades of blue and green.

Living room ideas

Want to add a touch of flavor to your room? We offer several ideas for decorating the living room:

  • fireplace. This is an interesting option especially for an apartment where you can buy an electric model. It looks beautiful, becomes the center of attention, and the fire adds charm to the room. A fireplace is a part of an apartment that a person associates most with comfort and tranquility;
  • corner sofa. Do not think that such a sofa is only for spacious rooms: there are also compact models. A corner sofa is an alternative to a regular sofa with an armchair, so it will be an excellent purchase for those looking for non-standard interior solutions. Many modern models are equipped with a table or storage shelves, which add functionality to the furniture;
  • floor covering in light shades. It looks great in any style. And if you add fluffy carpets to the room, the result will be impressive.

X-Protector: Save your furniture & floors!

Each of us wants to live in a beautiful apartment. And we want the furniture and floors not to deteriorate and serve us for a very long time without repair even more. 

X-Protector offers a lot of different little helpers:

Your furniture and floors will look nice to you longer and even will remain to look nice to your grandchildren!

The stylish design doesn't mean expensive. Take this issue seriously in advance, and you will be satisfied with the result!

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