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Thinking about getting a new rug or carpet this winter?

rug gripper
Today, choosing a carpet, it is easy to get lost in a wide range of various colors, materials, shapes and textures. X-Protector will help you with that! 2020 is all about natural and organic colors and materials. Imperfection and flaws, connection with nature, the cult of handicrafts has been really picking up steam. The current trendy carpet colors are terracotta, ocher, earth tones and other natural shades. Natural materials, such as wool, seagrass, jute, sisal, and coir will provide a cozy, welcoming environment in your house. Natural carpets are well combined with warm tones, such as wood, as well as with the cold colors of high-tech interiors. Taking into account these simple points you will create warm and cozy atmosphere at home. Also, to make your place even cozier, make your rugs stay in place and prevent the edges from curling with X-Protector rug grippers!
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