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carpet grippers

Rug Grippers

X-Protector rug grippers are high-quality anti-curling grippers to help you to keep your rug or carpet in place during daily use.

Why our Rug Grippers are so important?

Do you have carpets in your home? If yes, often you could face a problem with curling corners, carpet sliding, etc. X-Protector rug grippers will solve all of these problems. rug grippers X-Protector will prevent curling corners and stop the carpet from sliding. rug gripper X-Protector is made of premium plastic, tenacious adhesive (3M), and BPA-free gel for the floor. Our carpet gripper is almost invisible (only 1/2 inch). You will not see these carpet stickers under your perfectly flat carpet corners. Also, X-Protector rug gripper has a unique Trapezoid design and our gripper for the rug is patented in the U.S.

Choosing rug grippers X-Protector, you choose the highest quality of X-Protector products. Avoid copies, only X-Protector is the rights owner of trapezoid rug grippers. 

Rug Grippers by X-Protector - Protect your floors and carpets!