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Rug Grippers

Why our Rug Grippers are so important?

Do you have carpets in your home? If yes, often you could face a problem with curling corners, carpet sliding, etc. X-Protector Rug Grippers will solve all of these problems. Rug Grippers X-Protector will prevent curling corners and stop the carpet from sliding. Rug Gripper X-Protector is made of premium plastic, tenacious adhesive (3M), and BPA-free gel for the floor. Also, X-Protector Rug Gripper has a unique Trapezoid design and our Gripper for the Rug is patented in the U.S.

Choosing Rug Grippers X-Protector, you choose the highest quality of X-Protector products. Avoid copies, only X-Protector is the rights owner of a trapezoid Rug Grippers. 

Rug Grippers X-Protector - Protect your floors and carpets!