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About us

How we got our start?
Once, we repaired Emilie's new house and installed the best quality floors, but after a week we found a lot of scratches on the new floor. They were everywhere: in the kitchen - from the chairs, in the living room - from a couch. That's why we created products that save all kinds of floors.
What makes our product unique?
We are one of the first companies in this segment. Oliver tests all of our new technologies by himself. He runs a lot of tests to minimize defective products and increase the number of satisfied customers. Our care about our customers and that's what makes us unique!
Why we love what we do?
People need to understand that the main goal in our life is to help others. We become more empathetic by taking care of one another. We receive a lot of satisfying messages from our clients every day and it makes us want to help people more and more! That's what increases the positivity in our hearts and souls.