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Buy 2 products and use 1+1 promo code to get 2$ OFF
Buy 2 products and use 1+1 promo code to get 2$ OFF

8 Pack Felt Furniture Sheets by X-PROTECTOR - 8”x6” Furniture Felt Pads for Hardwood Floors!

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8 Pack Premium Felt Furniture Sheets by X-PROTECTOR. Premium protection that will keep any type of Your hard floors safe and free of damage.

Have you seen some terrible scratches on Your laminate? Hate the sound of furniture feet that scraping Your tile? Solve this problem quickly and effortlessly!

The package has 8 pcs felt pads with round shape. The thickness and density of the felt will be perfect for any furniture in Your house and will hold the heaviest items. 


Quantity: 8 cs

  • 8 pcs - 1/5” for chair & arm-chair legs, big plant pots, table legs.

Color: Brown
Materials: solid felt with tenacious adhesive.
Ideal to use on all types of furniture: any type of chair legs, furniture feet and other home furniture, electrical appliances, etc.


It will be available soon.



Additional Description

felt furniture pads

X-PROTECTOR is a leader in the design, creation, and distribution of surface protection products. We use the newest technology and development in combination with an extremely committed to excellence to deliver high-quality products for all furniture in Your Lovely Home.
Many of our felts are made of high-quality materials or a mix of natural fibers. Our technology processes do not require the creation of toxic waste as perfecting the level of felt making over time, we have developed ways to reduce waste and recycle wool in the manufacturing process.

X-PROTECTOR creates a wide range of products that make perfect careful protection shield for all furniture and items in Your Lovely Home.
Hardwood and laminate floors need protection from damage to the constantly moving furniture feet and pressure of heavy furniture. Chairs and recliners, sofas and ottomans, beds and cabinets – all these furniture can damage the floor and become the causes of wasting Your money and time to repair it.
There are also a lot of surfaces in Your home which need to be protected from scratches and dents – like tables, desks, electronics, and other items.

Depending on our client's needs, X-PROTECTOR felt products are available in a wide range of thicknesses, sizes, forms, and colors.
Here it is some words about our set BROWN & BEIGE HEAVY-DUTY 1/5” SHEETS 5 4/5” x 7 4/5”.

What should You do to get heavy-duty felt pads or if You need many pads with individual sizes? Where You can catch it?

Yes, You need to find our Premium Heavy Duty Felt Sheets! We’ve researched the needs of our lovely customers and created this set specially for You!
When You want REAL THICK PREMIUM QUALITY FELT 1/5” or You need to customize the sizes of felt pads by Your own hands – X-PROTECTOR WILL HELP YOU ONLY!  

X-PROTECTOR BROWN & BEIGE HEAVY-DUTY 1/5” SHEETS 5 4/5” x 7 4/5” - for the full satisfaction of our customers who want to get the best!