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Buy 2 products and use 1+1 promo code to get 2$ OFF
Buy 2 products and use 1+1 promo code to get 2$ OFF

Non Slip Furniture Pads X-PROTECTOR 4 PCS 4" - Non Adhesive Rubber Pads - Furniture Stoppers

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X-PROTECTOR NONSKID FURNITURE PADS – make all your furniture stay on the floor without any sliding and save Your flooring!

Any hard flooring will be protected if You use our rubber pads. We haven’t made them only for hardwood or laminate, if You have a tiled cover or marble, concrete or any other flooring, they will work the same well!


Quantity: 4 pcs.
Size: 4"pre-cut self-adhesive non-slip pads of different forms.
Color: Black/Gray.
Materials: Triple combined technology – two layers of soft rubber (one comes with a tenacious adhesive) and solid felt between them.
Ideal to use on all types of furniture: dining chairs, tables, cabinets, stools, sofas, couches, etc


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Additional description

x-protectormpre-scored non slip pads,

  • Your couch & dining chairs and beds are sliding from a wall to the wall?
  • Do you experience a problem with the scratches on the floor all the time?
  • How much nervous do you spend every time when it happens?


JUST STOP IT RIGHT NOW WITH DOUBLE NONSKID FURNITURE PADS X-PROTECTOR! Protect your floor with our non-skid nonadhesive rubber pads so you don’t need to think about how to get rid of scratches on your floor!

NON-SLIP PREMIUM Furniture Pads X-PROTECTOR – greatest pads to keep in place the furniture, which shouldn’t be moved!

The set contains FURNITURE STOPPERS 4 SHEETS 4" WITH DIFFERENT SIZES 4"x4", 2"x2", 1"x2", 1"x1" – Your sofa has round legs, dining chair and bed have square legs? We know of the individual needs of our client and give You 4 SHEETS of FURNITURE STOPPERS with different dimensions.

non slip pads for furniture

Just clean the surface of the furniture feet, peel the nonslip pad from the back paper and stick it on the feet.


Adhesive Non Slip Furniture Pads

Our nonskid floor protectors have a tenacious adhesive that tightly holds pads on the furniture feet for a long period of time. Forget about come off furniture coasters!

furniture nonslip pads

Now no need to repair the damaged floor. Forget about scratches, scuffs, and annoying noise when you move chairs and recliners with our non-skid nonadhesive rubber pads.

pads for hardwood floorX-PROTECTOR rubber pads are perfect for all types of the floor: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, marble, linoleum, concrete, and all other hard floors.


X-PROTECTOR creates a wide range of products that make perfect careful protection shield for all furniture and items in Your Lovely Home. Hardwood and laminate floors need protection from damage to the constantly moving furniture feet and pressure of heavy furniture. Chairs and recliners, sofas and ottomans, beds and cabinets – all these types of furniture can damage the floor and become the causes of wasting Your money and time to repair it. There are also a lot of surfaces in Your home which need to be protected from scratches and dents – like tables, desks, electronics, and other items. Depending on our client's needs, X-PROTECTOR products are available in a wide range of types, thicknesses, sizes, forms, and colors.

Our floor protectors are made by new TRIPLE TECHNOLOGY - 2 layers of soft rubber and high-quality solid felt. Such construction makes soft and strong fixing of any furniture on the floor. The tenacious adhesive provides a stronghold on the furniture feet and does not allow them to come off from furniture legs and it doesn’t matter it is a heavy item or not.