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  • x-protector

    It's all in the details

    You've probably heard the word “details” lots of times if you're following any fashion bloggers. Well, furniture designers are also paying a lot of attention to the small details instead of just a general style of the object/interior. Consider using...

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  • x-protector

    Natural beauty

    Most of us are familiar with the trend of “natural” nowadays and furniture isn't an exception. This trend is still growing and designers now seek to offer new combinations of traditional textures to impress their buyers. What can be the...

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  • felt furniture pads

    How to create a luxury place

    Everyone dreams about a perfect house which provides maximum comfort to all its members. How can we realize that dream? There is stuff like the right furniture objects, materials, finishes, and colors that make your home unsurpassed. Don't be afraid...

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  • furniture pads

    Cocoon beds

    Most designers noted another upcoming trend of the season - cocoon beds. A soft fabric headboard and footboard create a cozy atmosphere. Such type of upholstered furniture has so many great features that will make the end of a hard...

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  • Geometric design

    Geometric design

    Let's not forget about stylish textures that the fashion will bring us next season. Designers say that now modern motives like asymmetric shapes, geometry and drawings are very popular in the interior and they're widely used both in the object's...

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  • Custom-made furniture

    Custom-made furniture

    Sometimes furniture is more than just about functionality. Buyers often have a preference for those objects with a special meaning, great story behind it or a unique design that will underline their individuality. And that's why they purchase custom-made designer...

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  • Felt Furniture Pads

    The return of Art Deco style

    A comeback of Art Deco is also a trend of a future season that will reflect on furniture offers. The reason it becomes popular again is a unique combination of luxury, sophisticated aesthetic and rich colors. It's also defined by...

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  • Rounded furniture

    Rounded furniture

    Wanted to try something unusual for your interior? Why not return to the fashion of the 1970s with its smoothness of the shape? One of the trends for the future season is round-shaped furniture. Soft edges tend to create a...

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  • Pink mood for 2020

    Pink mood for 2020

    Many people found pink color too girly until recently but now more and more design professionals are using soft pink shades. They even called it one of the main furniture trends of the season. Neutral pink shades can be a...

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  • Upholstered Bed

    Upholstered Bed

    If you want to bring more comfort to your bedroom, upholstered beds are exactly what you need. Such beds give your bedroom a nice look and certainly increase a soothing balance in your room. The materials these beds are made...

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  • Curved Sofas

    Curved Sofas

    Have you ever wanted to bring more comfort to your living room? If so, then curved sofas and chairs are exactly what you need. It's commonly known that curved furniture tends to add a nice contrast in square or rectangular...

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  • Daily Article: Blue Color

    Daily Article: Blue Color

    Earlier this year Pantone company named the color of 2020. As you have probably guessed from the title of the article, Blue turned out to be this color. Almost on the same day, House Beautiful predicted that the French Blue...

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