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  • cord protector

    6 Tips to organize your home office

    Due to the coronavirus, entrepreneurs encourage their employees to work from home. Therefore, it is better to arrange a home office properly to set a comfortable working space and increase your productivity. When creating a workplace, it is important to...

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  • caster cups

    Tips to make a small bedroom look great

    The small size of the room is not a reason to give up comfort. However, you have to make a little effort to make it functional and beautiful. But if you think creatively, use the space wisely, and sometimes use...

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  • felt pads

    A little about Felt Furniture Pads

    Just installed brand new laminate and don’t want it to be damaged? Or maybe you are sick of the annoying noise of your chairs moving around? X-Protector can help you with that! Try our felt furniture pads and you will...

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