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  • x-protector

    Five interior trends 2022 year

    Arch-shaped elements. From doorways to windows to mirrors and millwork, arches are a warm, whimsical way to elevate your space off the linear path. Arches have always been strong architectural and structural elements throughout history. From the East to the...

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  • furniture sliders

    Ideas for birthday decor at home.

    Birthday celebrations must be unique.  And there should be the most beautiful decorations, delectable cuisine, and an amazing atmosphere for your special day. So here are some simple and inexpensive home decor ideas for the most elegant birthday celebration ever. ...

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  • Dogs chewing electrical cords

    Dogs chewing electrical cords

    As your puppy grows, you may notice that their communication language is chewing different stuff or even biting you. But the problem of biting is considered to be less damaging than experiencing finding destroyed furniture or chewed electric cords. The...

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X-Protector is a manufacturer of felt pads, non-slip pads, rug grippers, furniture sliders, caster cups, floor cord covers, and nail-on furniture pads.

X-Protector brand provides the best solutions for you to make your home a perfect place to live in. We offer different types of floor protectors, cord covers, and furniture movers for you to choose any size, color, shape, and purpose you need.

Our felt furniture pads, furniture leg cups, and nail-on furniture pads prevent different scratches and scuffs on your lovely floor and protect it from any other damages. Our non-slip pads and furniture cups are the perfect way to keep all your furniture in its place without damaging the floor. X-Protector rug grippers help you to stop worrying about your rugs or carpets that they move all the time. Our carpet sliders and hardwood floor sliders save your time and energy while moving any furniture you need around your house by making it easier and quicker. And our floor cord covers help you to deal with a cable mess at any place you need!

All our products are made of high-quality materials, which makes them very durable, so all our furniture floor protectors, cable protectors, and furniture sliders will serve you for a long period of time! X-Protector products are suitable for any kinds of surfaces on your floor, so you can be sure that you find the right one for your home. Moreover, they can be used more than once and with different furniture, so X-Protector is the perfect brand that cares about customers.

Also, if you are afraid that it would be hard to use our nail-on furniture pads - stop doing it! Our products were made with the purpose to use them easily. So, just read the instructions and if you still have questions - just contact us and we will solve any issues.
If you are afraid that our pads or covers wouldn’t fit your furniture - just stop! We have a wide variety of different sizes and shapes for you to choose the best ones for your furniture. Moreover, we can offer you different colors and shapes that will be perfect for your needs!

X-Protector creates products with care and with a willingness to help to make their home as comfortable and beautiful as people can imagine!

We provide absolute satisfaction for you! Don’t hesitate - just choose the best product for you and purchase it now!