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  • cord protector

    Anti-trends in interior design: Luxury Classic

    Canopies, long carpets, heavy curtains with intricate lambrequins, an abundance of velvet, gold and marble - all these signs of a classic interior are practically unacceptable in a sophisticated modern interior with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism. This style looks...

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  • felt furniture pads

    Key trends in interior design 2020

    The focus on sustainability is a common trend denominator. Natural elements are actively being introduced into the home interior: from traditional wood and stone to experiments with materials that many would consider rubbish (for example, sea cane rugs or colorful...

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  • rug grippers

    Easy way to make your rug stay in place

    Your pet keeps running across the house and sliding rug around? Your children trip over a rug over and over again? Rug corners interfere with you walking? Sounds familiar, right? Try X-Protector rug grippers to stop your rug from sliding...

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