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felt furniture pads

Felt Furniture Pads

Why you should choose felt furniture pads by X-Protector?

X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads are the best solution for those who are sick of scratches and scuffs all over the floor and the annoying sound of furniture moving. Hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, or any other kind of flooring? Doesn’t matter! Our premium floor protectors for furniture legs are perfect for any kind of flooring to reduce annoying noise when furniture is sliding and protect floors from scratches.  We use only high-quality eco-friendly materials with strong adhesive to make our felt furniture pads much more durable compared with other cheap furniture pads.           

We have a wide range of colors and sizes of our felt furniture sliders so you can find the perfect option for any type of furniture: heavy or light duty furniture, any type of chair legs, tables, electrical appliances, and other home furniture!

Your house is meant to be the most comfortable place in the world, where you can calm down, have a rest, and escape from day-to-day concerns. With X-Protector felt furniture pads you can make your home even more comfortable! Do you want your floor to serve you longer?

 Move your furniture smoothly and quietly with x- protector felt furniture pads on!