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7 ways to transform a rented apartment quickly and inexpensively

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How to make a rented apartment cozy? How to turn someone else's dwelling into a cozy room without extra costs, to which you will be pleased to return? With a little effort, transforming the environment is easy to change and bring it closer to home with the help of decoration.

1. Always take your textiles with you

The simplest and most proven way to change the environment is to use textiles. Such an undertaking is unlikely to be expensive. But creating an individual modern style in a room is easier with curtains, bedspreads, blankets, rugs, chair covers. Moreover, they are easy to transport in the event of a change of apartment.

2. Light will make the room feel more familiar

Typically, there is always one central chandelier in a room. A good way to transform a setting is to add additional lights. The lamps and floor lamps should be on the clamps. So with their help, it is easier to create mood and lighting solutions. If you hang your special lamp, the room will become closer and dearer to you.

3. When one apartment for three

Nowadays it is fashionable to rent an apartment for two or three people. It is both more economical and more fun. The collective arrangement is more rational: someone will bring curtains, someone a rug, iron, and other necessary little things.

Use metal baskets or any other baskets to help you organize your personal belongings. If you wish, mark each one - where is whose.

4. Pillows and poufs

Decorative pillows are a real find. With their help, on armchairs and sofas, it is easy to create uniform compositions for a competent style complement to the interior.

You can use different colors and shapes here. On chairs and stools, they are used to soften. And if friends come, there is always a place on the floor where you can sit on the pillows.

5. Glass jars

Don't throw away glass jars. They can be easily adapted as convenient containers for storing food. Functional and beautiful, even if there is no kitchen unit. An open shelf made of a wide board is fine for this.

Glass containers will come in handy if there are no special vases for flowers. This is the quickest and cheapest way to decorate a room, albeit a short-lived one. In winter, instead of flowers, use dry twigs as decoration.

6. Photos, paintings, posters

An old proven way to quickly make a room feel cozy and homey is to use photographs, paintings, and posters. Especially if the wall is empty or not very attractive.

A large poster or painting will also save the day. They will bring positive energy into the room. The room will take on a trendy look.

7. Favorable living environment - flowers

Greenery always creates a favorable atmosphere of comfort in the house. Given that students are always short of time, you should not have flowers that need difficult care. 

The effect of a green fresh island can be created by cereal grains. If they are placed in a shallow container and lightly sprinkled with earth, they sprout very quickly.

Protection of furniture in a rented apartment

The biggest inconvenience in a rented apartment is that we are too afraid to damage the furniture in it. After all, it is not our own and we will have to pay for the damage!

How can you make sure that you live in peace and not get paid at the time of the congress?

The answer is too simple - furniture felt pads. You can attach them to any surface or furniture and you will be immediately protected from scratches, scuffs, and damage!


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