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Add texture to your home

felt pads

Adding textures to your space means layering it with various materials, textiles, colors and giving it a finished look. If you want to create visual interest and make your space less dull and flat (especially if you have a single color design like all-white) try to add more elements with different patterns and materials. The easiest way to make your room look a little bit more interesting and sophisticated is to decorate it with textured items like silk draperies, cushions with tassels, furry rugs, eye-catching bedding, or bedspreads, different pottery displayed on a shelf, and many other decorations. Give your preference to non-traditional furniture like a velvet sofa, rattan chair covered with a faux fur blanket. And remember, your home is an expression of yourself so don’t be afraid to implement all your ideas, your vision and style. Add plenty of texture and create a truly unique and warm space that has a soul.

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