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Anti-trends for kitchen interior design

We are always trying to help you create a stylish trendy yet individual design. But not only clothes go out of fashion, it also happens with interior design and today we want to share some unfashionable trends you might want to avoid. Top interior designers reveal decorative techniques that were popular in past seasons, but worth saying goodbye to:

  • Gloss cupboards and cabinets - were replaced by matte finishes that have an understated and elegant look. This can be a perfect fit for a beautiful minimalist kitchen.
  • Contrast pattern tiles and glass mosaics.
  • Large ornate handle - now they are thinner or completely absent.
  • Very colorful kitchens – not saying that you should only use monochrome, dark colors or traditional white designs but keep it subtle.
  • Visible plastic like filling kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, etc – eco-materials prevail and you might consider hiding stuff made of plastic.

But remember that you are creating a place for yourself and the main trend is your individuality. Say no to things which you don’t like and feel 100% comfortable at your lovely place!

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