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Anti-trends in interior design: Luxury Classic

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Canopies, long carpets, heavy curtains with intricate lambrequins, an abundance of velvet, gold and marble - all these signs of a classic interior are practically unacceptable in a sophisticated modern interior with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism. This style looks especially ridiculous in small apartments or in a space where classic furniture and heavy curtains are combined with old repairs, cheap linoleum and plastic panels.

If you like classic in interior design, replace dark gold with a soft bronze or brass sheen, curtains with lambrequins with voile curtain, and use the carpet only around the perimeter of the sleeping or living area. Also, use velvet in moderation - in the form of cushions (without tassels!), decorative elements or wall panels.

And, of course, to make your space look even more beautiful, put all the wires that you have in your room in one place, using X-Protector floor cord cover!

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