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Fall is coming!

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Fall 2020 interior design trends

Thanks to quarantine, this year we build a special relationship with our homes. Staying home more often, working remotely makes us spend more time in our dwelling. Besides, the fall is coming! Which means we are going to spend even more time at home. So it is time to add some coziness and autumn-inspired decisions to your space, isn’t it?

Eco is in!

Natural and organic decisions – it is all about this fall. Choose eco materials, natural fibers, textiles like linen, wool or cotton and bring some sustainable aesthetics into your autumn mood!

Colors to FALL in love!

Autumn and coziness are synonyms, so add some warm and reserved colors, such as beige, light brown, light orange, yellow or taupe, they will definitely be popular as we move deeper into the Fall.

Add some textures!

Fringed bedspreads and pillowcases, macrame pieces, fluffy rugs with soft and cozy textures will make your fall splendid. Vintage items will fit your space and mood as well!

Remember to protect your floor with x-protector furniture pads.
Transform your space a little, and fall in love with this magnificent season!


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