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Five interior trends 2022 year

  1. Arch-shaped elements. From doorways to windows to mirrors and millwork, arches are a warm, whimsical way to elevate your space off the linear path. Arches have always been strong architectural and structural elements throughout history. From the East to the West almost all nations have their variations of these special elements. Nowadays, interior designers are rediscovering the beauty of the arches once more as an interior element in our living spaces.
  2. Indoor greenery. Plants are a simple way to bring the outside in. Greenery is the key to sprucing up a space. Ahead, we've rounded up low-maintenance houseplants that won't require a spot on your already-crowded window sill. Finally, you'll be able to display some green in spots you never thought were possible like in the dark corner of your bedroom or along the wall on the same side as your biggest window. Popular varieties including pothos, dragon plants, succulents, and much more are ready to open your world up to simple, more flexible ways of incorporating plant life into your aesthetic.
  3. Floral window treatments. It's very on-trend to recreate the comfort and coziness of grandma's traditional style house with vintage pieces and floral fabrics for window curtains. Do your windows look plain? You can add a fresh, summery tone to any room. Perfect for providing that subtle touch of class, curtains with flower prints are both traditional and exciting. 
  4. Natural materials are making their way indoors. Wood, stone, and leather are going to be big this year. One of the trends is the use of branches and parts of trees in the interior. Such details emphasise the connection with nature and play the role of bright interior accents. Decor compositions and furniture elements made of dried branches combine perfectly with the walls of greenery and evoke associations directly related to the philosophy of eco-design – the cyclical nature of life, the need to preserve it, and the ability to do something useful right now.
  5. Pastel palettes are inside the house. This year is all about bringing pastel colours into your space. Colours like pink, yellow, and blue bring to mind summery images, like sunny days and pool parties. There is no problem at all to use this color in the living room, the kitchen, or the office as well. What’s more, the bright pastel color palette has soothing properties and promotes focus and relaxation. It’s beneficial both for working and calming down before going to bed.

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