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How to protect a wooden floor from furniture?

floor protector

All kinds of wooden floors have unique natural beauty and go with any decor — modern, traditional, country, you name it. It has long been a classic home feature and goes in any room, although kitchens and basements warrant special considerations. Unfortunately, hardwood floors are easily damaged and require more of your attention and care.  
If you maintain and clean your wooden floor properly, it will serve you for years to come. Here are some tips how to look after your wooden flooring and prevent it from scratches and scuffs:

1. Lift Your Furniture, Not Drag It
Make it a habit to lift your furniture when you are moving it around. Sliding furniture tend to damage wooden flooring very easily, so If you have heavy furniture, ask someone to help you lift it or put a towel or any other fabric under furniture legs.

  1. Use Protection for furniture

There are different types of floor protectors like felt furniture pads, furniture sliders, caps for chair legs and others. Pads will keep furniture still, while glides and sliders will make your furniture move effortlessly, with no damage to your wooden floor.

  1. Check if furniture feet didn’t become worn out

Furniture feet may wear out and become rough. It Is important to assess them regularly, as debris or scuffs on the furniture legs can cause scratches on the floor.


So keep these simple tips in mind and your flooring will last way longer!

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