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Living room as a light spot

Planning your lighting design should be one of the first things because a beautifully designed room makes no sense when if you’re in the dark. And there are so many ideas to make your living room bright, choose your favorite or put light sources on different levels and you’ll get what you want. For example, it can be twin pendant lights, it doubles the brightness and the symmetry looks very stylish. Use a dimmer switch for your chandelier to set the mood. You’ve heard about the oversize trend, right? Hanging an oversized chandelier is obviously not a bad idea. Also, you can turn a lamp into an art object. Why it should be a standard shaped/colored/sized lamp?! Add a colorful lamp to an empty wall, put an unusual one on a table, or create a calm spot around your armchair in the corner by placing a high floor lamp. Do not forget to use our Beige Felt Furniture Pads if you have the light-colored design of your living room!


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