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Maintain the beauty of your floors with Silicone Furniture Leg Caps

Chair leg floor protectors
Still dealing with the annoying noise of chairs moving on your flooring? Your furniture leaves marks and scratches your floor? There are thousands of options on how to protect the floor. But here is the thing, cheap and low-quality pads you can find on the Internet usually don’t provide 100% protection from damages, they come off very soon, collect all the dust and hair all over the house.

To protect your floors and reduce the sound of moving furniture we recommend you try X-Protector silicone furniture leg caps. Be sure our chair leg floor protectors will serve you much longer than any other cheap pads. They will be suitable for any kind of flooring: hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, linoleum. Due to flexible silicone material, it can fit different diameters of your furniture legs from 0.99” to 1.14”. Choose quality, use X-Protector Chair Leg Caps, and protect your flooring!

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