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Make up vanities in 2020

These cute little vanities we used to see a lot in the past are not that common nowadays. Girls tend to choose bathroom for their make up routine and do not want to clutter their bedroom with extra furniture. But everybody wants to look nice during the day and vanity unit either way associates with that. So we’d like to share some ideas for a stylish beauty station that doesn’t ruin minimalist look of your room.

1. Use the makeup table not just for your morning or evening routine but make it a multipurpose home spot. You can decorate it with colorful glass vases and put flowers there. Also, by putting Set the mood for the evening ahead with decorative candles there you can set the mood for the evening. Candles look even more romantic with mirrors behind.

2. You can turn an already existing full length floor mirror into your vanity makeup station by adding a small desk near it and moving a chair there when needed. Even if you have a carpeted floor, just get furniture moving pads for the chair.

3. Go camouflaged in a busy room. Once again, mirrored surfaces is the key to success.

4. Keep your dresser and makeup station in one style and you can create a sleek dressing room. Put dresser, then makeup station, then open fronted closet furniture in one line and here it is!

5. Connect study and dressing areas in order to save space. If you put decorative candle at one end and then add a table lamp on the other you can slightly and gracefully separate these areas.

6. If you have an awkward space in the corner, do not forget that cornered makeup vanity table may also look very nice.

Hope you will enjoy these ideas and have a beautiful day!

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