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Metallic accents in the kitchen

felt pads

Stainless steel kitchen design is timeless. Metallic surfaces are not only easy to clean and maintain but also they can bring a modern look and breathe new life to your kitchen. If you want to bring a bit of style into your kitchen and make it durable and easy-to-clean at the same time, opt for metallic accents, whether it is polished-nickel faucets, glossy metallic cutleries and accessories, or stainless steel kitchen cabinets and appliances. Combined with other textures like marble, wood, or tile, metallic elements create an elegant, unique, and trendy look. A revival of styles such as vintage, rustic, farmhouse, and industrial made metallic accents quickly become a trend that will remain stylish for years. If you installed tile or ceramic flooring in your kitchen, remember to protect it from scratches with X-Protector felt furniture pads.


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