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Modern French interior Design

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What is the French style in the interior and what are the main features of it? Despite the strong difference in decorative elements, methods of surface finishing, the variety of furniture, they are all united by a sense of special taste, convenience, and luxurious simplicity.
Modern French style in the interior allows you to combine various materials and objects, intersperse elements of historical styles, but the basics of all French apartments is based on the following features:
• white or light plain walls combined with light parquet floors;
• no sharp contrasts in color combinations (pastel palette);
• the predominance of matte textures;
• antique or artificially aged furniture (carved legs, forged elements, mosaics);
• the presence of a fireplace in the living room or bedroom (or its imitation);
• various decorative elements (paintings in gilded frames, candlesticks, mirrors);
• a tea table in the center of the room;
• stucco moldings decorating ceilings and walls;
• a combination of different chandeliers, lamps, and floor lamps.
Modern French style in the interior highlights comfort and restraint. Luxurious and antique items do not occupy a dominant place, they are presented as necessary furnishings. There is no need to strive for a perfect design, perfect symmetry, or cleanliness. A little carelessness has to be allowed. This is how you can achieve the feeling of a romantic and comfortable environment.
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