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Non-trivial Home Design Ideas

Felt Furniture Pads

One of the most exciting things about 2023 home design ideas is the mix of new and old design elements. People are now craving character and warmth.

Many of best looks are easy to DIY. You can exercise your creativity and save cash.

  1. Styling antique finds alongside contemporary furnishings will never go out of style. Combining these items is incorporating modern pieces into more traditional spaces, or vice versa. Just don’t go overboard by adding too many periods into one room.
  2. Warm wood is making a comeback. Wood can bring warmth, depth, and an intimate feeling. This can especially help with an all-white bathroom where you want to have a warm feeling. On a smaller scale, consider DIY’ing a warm wood frame for an existing mirror that could use an upgrade.
  3. Plaster is making a comeback because of the character it adds to a space. Even in its most polished state, it adds comfort. Incorporate plaster fireplace surrounds, chandeliers, and side tables into your home. Its versatility allows us to use it in so many different ways.
  4. If your bathroom floors or walls need a facelift, plan to go retro with hexagons, rhomboids, and circles. Opt for tiles with combos of white, gray, and black to nail that classic vintage aesthetic. Try larger tiles paired with patterned accent tiles boasting touches of metallics and iridescent glazes. 
  5. Before you buy new furniture, see if you can repurpose something you already own. Instead of splurging on nightstands, perhaps utilize mismatched chairs to create a personalized bedroom design.
  6. The phasing out of the all-white kitchen continues. And the penchant for color is visible in coating cabinets in bold, unexpected hues. High gloss and lacquer finish further emphasize the jewel-like kitchen spaces.
  7. Say yes to leaving your floors like new even after years of use. Put X-Protector Felt Pads under your furniture and enjoy a cozy and quiet home.
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