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Save floors in your workspace. Arrange your home office properly

cord protector

The current global coronavirus pandemic became a factor that forces people to work remotely. And here is the question: how to arrange your home office properly, make it comfortable and nice? The first thing you should think about is the floor around your workspace as they are more vulnerable to damage. Working at home all day means constantly moving your chair back and forth, and that, in turn, can cause damage to your floors, leave scratches and scuffs. If you have a rolling chair, you can also face the situation when your wires get stuck in wheels and, as a result, get damaged. X-Protector can solve all these problems:

  • Do you want to save your beautiful floor? Just install felt furniture pads and your flooring will be free of damage. Also, you will get rid of annoying sound of moving chair and be able to work in silence;
  • Would you like your rolling chair to stop moving? Get furniture caster cups to prevent your office chair from rolling and damaging your wires;
  • Are you tired of cable mess under your desk? To put all your wires in one place, simply install our floor cord protector that will fit all your cords inside.

Fulfill all your needs with X-Protector.

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