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What is going to be popular in the coming year: Earth Tones Trend

felt padsFall is the time of forecasts for next year. What is going to be popular in 2021? Talking about the colors in interior design, earth tones, ocean-inspired blues, and forest greens are expected to be in trend in the coming year. Champagne, gray, light brown, and yellow shades will continue to prevail in our interiors next year, interior designers say. These colors bring us closer to nature and create a peaceful atmosphere in the house. Such palette will work well as the main background and can be easily complemented with other colors and of the same natural earthy shades. These colors draw inspiration from the outdoors and never fail to make an interior feel more inviting and homey.

So if you decided to give your place a little makeover, take into account color trends of 2021. Also, don’t forget to protect your beautiful flooring from damages using X-Protector felt furniture pads. Just put them under your furniture legs and your flooring will look new and serve you longer! Presented in two main colors (brown and beige) and different sizes they will perfectly match any interior design and fit any furniture legs in your house!

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