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What is Recycled Pallet flooring?

felt floor protectors
Now the question of how to save the environment is one of the most urgent. Today more and more people when refurbishing their homes, choose more sustainable materials. Did you know that over 300 000 tons of wooden pallets are discarded into landfills in North Carolina alone each year? Now we have a chance to give them a second life by installing Recycled Pallet flooring. Use of these materials cuts down on waste and prevents the chopping down of a living tree. But you have to be careful that the wood you are using was never treated with toxic chemicals over the course of its life. One of the biggest advantages of this is that it is a cheap and inexpensive alternative to more expensive wood options. Also, depending on the quality of the pallets that you get, and the quality of your installation work, this can be very durable. This is a great option to consider for living rooms, where you’ll be inviting guests, but don’t want to spend too much on something like bamboo. And, the most important to say – it is eco-friendly!  Remember to protect it from scratches by putting felt furniture pads on your furniture legs. 

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