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Where to store your stuff

Did that ever happen to you when you planned your interior right, picked some great furnishing for it, found just perfect wallpapers, but then you realized that there was not enough space to hide all your stuff? If getting rid of them is not an option, then you need to make extra space in your small apartment. What can help you with that? Let's start with something less common, like a raised platform. If the ceilings are tall enough, you can add a raised platform and keep a lot of stuff within it, from small pillows to a whole extra mattress. Secondly, a fold-down desk is a nice idea if there is no room for a full-size desk. You just affix this desk to a wall after you stop working and that's it. Also, ideas to consider can be under-the-stairs storage(remember Harry Potter?), banquette seating, kitchen island with storage space, and convertible furniture. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to use furniture sliders if you want to move your furniture to get enough space for something else. Do not lift heavy furniture!

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