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Wire protection in your house with cord covers

floor cord cover

Most of the electrical wires in our homes are located in open areas. They are becoming subject to deterioration because people often cling to them, and animals like to play with them or chew them. A damaged cable not only threatens a bad power supply but can also harm people or pets. 


We found several ways to avoid cable damage:

  • Fill it with a concrete screed to protect the wire under the floor. You can limit the block only around the cable if you consider that pouring the entire space is impractical.
  • You can install a metal tube or corrugator. Such a construction will make it inaccessible.
  • Armored cable can be installed in open areas. It will definitely be out of anyone's reach. However, it is not a cheap solution.
  • It is important to caulk all gaps and cavity access points to protect the wires in the ceiling recesses. This eliminates the possibility of wire damage from rats and other rodents.
  • You can also buy electronic rodent repellent. You can also buy electronic rodent repellent. These devices are perfectly safe for humans, but you must remember that your pets may not like them. These electronic scarecrows can be installed around the perimeter for prevention, as well as pinpointed in places that you think can suffer the most from uninvited toothy guests.
  • Spray the cable with a special spray to repel cats, dogs, and other pets. But like all sprays, it has its own specific smell. Which also may not be to the liking of the person.
  • You can rub the wires with a natural repellent - pepper, citrus, vinegar, etc. if the smell from the spray doesn't good for you. However, you still have to watch the reaction of your pets. Some of them have allergies.
  • Wrap it with double-sided tape. This will give the wires extra protection against animal teeth and human feet.
  • Another option is to rearrange the furniture. You can hide the wire under or in the furniture. This is a good way to protect the wire from humans, but after all, animals are much smaller than us, so they can still get at it.
  • Choose Floor Cord Covers. Firstly, it covers your cords completely. Secondly, it sticks to your floors so none can hit, pull or damage them. Thirdly, there are 3 colors, so you can match them to your floors and make them almost invisible. Moreover, it doesn’t have any smell and you don’t have to do any renovations at your home! Installation takes no more than 5-10 minutes!
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