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Workplace - the secrets of the perfect interior!

📌 The interior of the workplace is a pleasant detail and a powerful subconscious motivator for long and fruitful work. This is especially true not of office spaces, but of workplaces that are located at home 📌

A workplace equipped with convenience and love will help you not to lose interest in your work. So let’s make it comfortable and less tiring 😉

A large amount of paper accumulates at our workplace: contracts, invoices, receipts, notes, several notebooks for writing at once. 📚📖 Therefore, get as many shelves and drawers as possible. Believe me, very soon you will have no empty surfaces 👍🏻

Pastel, delicate shades are conducive to relaxation, but not to work. Bring bright, saturated colors into the interior around you - you will immediately notice how your energy will increase 💥 Aggressive, annoying colors should be avoided; instead, choose shades that are reminiscent of fruit or something else that is pleasing to the eye.

An important point is that the workplace must be well lit. Nobody likes to work in the dark! 🌞

Also, we recommend using X-protector floor protectors for furniture legs. These great little helpers will defend your parquet from scratches ❤️
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