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4 pcs Brown Silicone Self-Adhesive Corners for Floor Cord Covers by X-Protector - Compatible Only with Regular Version!

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Are you interested in repositioning floor cords? Are you looking to neatly secure cords at the altered corner? X-Protector's Corners for Floor Cord Covers offer the solution you need!

Crafted from premium materials, these Cord Cover Corners from X-Protector feature high-quality silicone and robust acrylic adhesive. This combination ensures a formidable corner protection shield.

In a set of four, these Corners for Floor Cord Protectors guarantee full coverage, allowing for a complete 360-degree change in direction. This comprehensive set ensures the utmost value.

The corners come in a brown hue, measuring 3.6" x 3.6" x 0.45". It's important to note that these corners are exclusively compatible with the Regular Version of X-Protector's Floor Cord Covers.

Trusting the authenticity of X-Protector, a registered trademark, is key. Your satisfaction is paramount! If the product fails to meet your expectations, rest assured, we offer a full refund. Make a risk-free order today by simply clicking the "Add to Cart" button.


Quantity: 4 pcs
Size: 3.6"L x 3.6"W
Color: Brown 
Materials: High-quality silicone and strong adhesive tape



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Corners for Floor Cord Covers

cords on the floor

the cord in the corner

Floor Cord Covers

Corners for Cord Covers