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4 pcs Non-Slip Square Furniture Pads by X-Protector 4" - Anti Slip Furniture Pads - Non-Adhesive Anti Skid Pads for Furniture - Brown Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors - Unique Anti Vibration Pads!

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Are the vibrations caused by household appliances becoming a source of frustration? Are you seeking a way to secure your furniture in place? The solution comes in the form of our Premium 4-piece 4" Furniture Grippers, featuring advanced anti-vibration attributes that effectively address these challenges!

Versatile in Every Scenario - X-Protector's Bed Stoppers cater to both indoor and outdoor usage, serving as reliable anchors for a wide array of furniture and appliances: sofas, beds, couches, cabinets, washing machines, refrigerators, and more.

Universal Floor Protection - X-Protector's Non-Slip Pads, crafted from non-staining rubber, provide complete peace of mind by leaving no marks on your floors. Moreover, these outdoor furniture leg protectors work wonders on both hard and carpeted surfaces.

Innovation in Anti-vibration - Our anti-slip pad incorporates distinct layers to effectively counter various types of vibrations. Rubber foam tackles minor vibrations, while Eva foam tackles more pronounced ones.

Trust the Authentic - As a registered trademark, X-Protector guarantees originality and quality. We ensure 100% satisfaction! If our Patio Furniture Feet Protectors fall short of your expectations, rest assured that we offer a refund. Make your purchase confidently - simply click the "Add to Cart" button.


    Quantity: 4 pcs

    Size: square 4" self-adhesive non-slip pads
    Color: Brown
    Materials: Rubber and strong adhesive
    Ideal to use on all types of furniture: couch, sofa, bed, etc.




    Additional Description

     Non Slip Furniture Pads

    Is your sofa prone to shifting across the floor? Are those bothersome scratches on your floor causing you distress?

    PUT AN END TO THESE ISSUES NOW WITH X-PROTECTOR'S DOUBLE FURNITURE PADS! Safeguard your floor with our non-skid, anti-vibration rubber pads and bid farewell to the concern of floor scratches. Say goodbye to slippery surfaces and say hello to NON-SLIP PREMIUM Furniture Pads by X-PROTECTOR – the ultimate solution for furniture stability!

    This comprehensive set includes 4 pieces of 4” Furniture Pads – ideal floor protectors designed to prevent furniture from sliding and to shield against scratches. Their versatility knows no bounds, as they can be applied to a variety of furniture pieces: vases, plant pots, stools, ottomans, chair and armchair legs, table legs, coffee tables, beds, sofas, couches, stools, and any other furniture items you want to secure in place.