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50”x1" Silicone Stove Gap Cover by X-Protector – Guard Between Stove and Counter – Heat Resistant Oven Counter Gap Protector – Self-Adhesive Clear Counter Gap Filler – Silicone Stove Top Spill Guard

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Are you seeking a solution to eliminate the accumulation of debris and grime that often gets trapped in the crevice between your stove and countertop? Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises in any gap with the Premium Silicone Stove Gap Cover by X-PROTECTOR!

[HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS] The X-PROTECTOR OVEN COUNTER GAP PROTECTOR is meticulously crafted from top-tier materials that are both BPA and PFOA-free. The reusable adhesive feature ensures its durability. The silicone construction not only makes it easy to clean but also grants it heat resistance and the ability to be easily trimmed to size.

[SIMPLE USAGE] With dimensions of 50" x 1", the GAP CAP can be effortlessly applied after cleaning the intended area on the stovetop. Our COUNTER GAP PROTECTOR adheres seamlessly, saving you precious time and sparing you from the hassle of deep gap cleaning.

[REUSABLE ADHESIVE] The X-PROTECTOR GUARD FOR STOVE offers the convenience of reusability. Peel off the gap protector easily and reapply it as needed. Furthermore, our COUNTER GAP FILLER is washable, ensuring long-lasting utility. Be sure to read the instructions before removing the spill guard.

X-PROTECTOR: A TRUSTED TRADEMARK – Beware of imitations. If the Silicone Stove Gap Cover doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a refund policy. Your satisfaction matters. Take the risk out of the equation and click the "ADD TO CART" button now!


Quantity: 1 pc

Size: 50x1" stove cover 

Color: Transparent

Materials: Premium silicone and Reusable adhesive



Additional Description

Are you looking to put an end to the annoyance of items dripping or falling between gaps? Desire a solution that reduces the frequency of gap cleaning?

Guard yourself against unpleasant surprises in any gap using the Premium Silicone Stove Gap Covers by X-PROTECTOR!


[HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS] Our OVEN COUNTER GAP PROTECTOR is expertly fashioned from top-notch BPA and PFOA-free silicone, complemented by reusable adhesive. The silicone composition of our GAP FILLER FOR STOVE is not only easy to clean but also resistant to heat and simple to trim as needed.

[EASY UTILIZATION] With the GAP CAP, the process is effortless. Just ensure the area is clean prior to affixing OUR COUNTER GAP PROTECTOR onto the stovetop. Enjoy the ease of application and save valuable time and energy, eliminating the need for extensive gap cleaning with our KITCHEN COUNTER GAP FILLER!

[REUSABLE ADHESIVE] Our STOVE GUARD can be peeled off and reapplied without hassle. Additionally, the COUNTER GAP FILLER is machine washable. Before removing the spill guard, make sure to read the instructions.

Installation Guidelines:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface before installing stove guards.
  2. Peel off the protective layer from the gap cover.
  3. Apply the drip edge to the stove and press firmly several times.
  4. Please note: After removing the appliance cover, clean the adhesive (rinse the product under running tap water) and dry it using a hairdryer before reinstallation. The adhesive won't work if not dried thoroughly.

Say goodbye to debris and grime with our top-notch Silicone Stove Gap Cover. Click the "ADD TO CART" button now!