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60 pcs X-Protector NonSlip Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors - 36 pcs Round 1” + 24 pcs Square 2" - Anti Slip Furniture Pads - Self-Adhesive Rubber Furniture Pads Non Slip - Ideal Furniture Stoppers!

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Is your sofa constantly sliding and causing interruptions? Are your chairs leaving unsightly scratches on your floors? Put an end to these issues with X-Protector Self-Adhesive Anti-Skid Pads for Furniture Feet! These pads not only keep your furniture in place but also protect any type of floor!

Unyielding Adhesive - X-Protector Furniture Grippers are equipped with a robust adhesive that prevents non-slip furniture grippers from detaching. These rubber stoppers for furniture are built to last indefinitely!

Innovative 2-Layer Technology - This package includes 60 pieces of Couch Stoppers, each crafted from thick 1/5" felt and soft rubber, creating a formidable shield between your floors (whether hardwood, laminate, etc.) and your furniture.

Valuable Assortment - With 36 round 1" and 24 square 2" Furniture Stoppers in this pack, you have an abundance of furniture grippers for hardwood floors to cater to all your needs.

Trust in X-Protector - Remember, X-Protector is a registered trademark, so be cautious of imitations. We stand behind our non-slip pads for furniture, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're unhappy, we'll provide a refund. Don't hesitate, to click "Add to Cart" without any risk now!


Quantity: 60 pcs.
Size: 1" round 36 pcs and 2" square 24 pcs self-adhesive non-slip pads.
Color: Black with Brown.
Materials: solid felt 1/5” with soft rubber and tenacious adhesive.
Ideal to use on all types of furniture: cabinets, couches, and dining chairs.




Additional Description

Non Slip Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Is your sofa constantly shifting from side to side? Are you bothered by the problem of floor scratches? Put an end to these issues right now with X-Protector's Double Furniture Pads! Safeguard your floor with our self-adhesive rubber pads, and forget about how to eliminate those frustrating floor scratches. X-Protector's Non-Slip Premium Furniture Pads are the ultimate solution for keeping your furniture securely in place!

This set includes 60 pieces, with 24 square 2" pads and 36 round 1" pads, ideal for preventing furniture from sliding and causing scratches. You can use them with vases, plant pots, stools, ottomans, chair and armchair legs, table legs, coffee tables, beds, sofas, couches, stools, and any other furniture you want to keep firmly in place.

Here are the key advantages of our furniture protectors:

Anti Slip Furniture Pads

Just clean the surface of the furniture feet, peel off the non-slip pad from the back paper, and stick it on the furniture feet.

Self-Adhesive Rubber Furniture Pads Non Slip

Our nonskid floor protectors have tenacious adhesive which tightly holds pads on the furniture feet for a long period of time. Our furniture coasters will not come off!

Furniture Stoppers to Prevent Sliding

Now, forget about repairs to the damaged floors. Forget about scratches, scuffs, and annoying noise when you move chairs and recliners.

Self-Adhesive Anti Skid Pads for Furniture Feet

X-PROTECTOR rubber pads are perfect for all types of hard floors: hardwood, laminate, tile, marble, linoleum, concrete, and all other hard floors.

Furniture Grippers
If you want to avoid the ongoing hassle of dealing with scratches, opt for X-Protector Furniture Pads! X-Protector offers a wide variety of products in different types, thicknesses, sizes, shapes, and colors. Protect your floors with confidence. If you're not satisfied with our furniture pads, rest assured, we will address any concerns and find a solution. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.