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10 Exterior House Colors in 2023

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Change and renewal of house exteriors are so important to keep a home feeling fresh and presentable. Take a look at this list of trending exterior house colors for 2023!

  1. Snow color. Endlessly optimistic, and a pinch heavenly exterior can capture the spirit of a house that is home to love. Light-colored roofing is a prime choice, and crisp white and red detailing fits in this. For extra accent pieces, you can add a pop of red detailing.
  2. Flagstone isn't the average gray color. This shade features a light blue tone. Flagstone is one of the top choices for trending exterior house colors in 2023. Apply stormy gray with crisp white or charcoal detailing. Use all three of these colors together for a striking presentation.
  3. Autumn Red is best managed when capped by crisp white detailing along window panes, corner panels, and eaves. When you find the perfect tone, the result leaves an impression on viewers.
  4. Bright clay-colored siding is another great choice for exterior upgrades this year. Red Rock Falls color transforms from bright when presented with warmer brown colors to a more sophisticated palette.
  5. Earth Tones Combo is one of the more unexpected trending exterior house colors of 2023. Earth tones, such as green and brown, are gaining in popularity this season.
  6. Turquoise & White one of the most refreshing colors. This color projects youthfulness, joy, and relaxation.
  7. Bold and rich, Burgundy Red, makes a powerful statement. That color communicates strength, durability, and longevity.
  8. Light Blue is a traditional color choice that is experiencing renewed interest. This color captures an easy, laid-back look that does really well in the suburbs.
  9. Wood Look-style has a place from cabins to upscale mixed-material designs. A wood-look exterior can be the best siding to increase home value.
  10. Forest Green is one of the newer colors on the list. When partnered with crisp white trim, this unique shade provokes an earthy aesthetic but still remains polished and presentable.

Give a try one of these 2023 trending exterior house colors. You will be sure to upgrade your home’s appeal in no time.

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