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5 Christmas trends of this year

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There's nothing more magical than the sight of your home at Christmas time.

  1. ART DECO. Christmas is the perfect time to provide glamour to your home. In a trend, this festive season sees the return of 1920s-inspired party decorations, vintage, and lots of sparkles. You can also add exotic textures like a pearly capiz shell to amp up the Art Deco vibes. Make sure you add warm light to make these decorations feel warmer. 
  2. SUSTAINABLE DECORATIONS have been gaining traction over the last five years. Reusable crackers will be a key part of this planet-friendly trend. You can up cycle what you already have with chalk paint to make your own decorations.
  3. GOLD AND RED are set to be two of the top trending colours. As a complementary colour, red is great to decorate with. It pops against the green of a Christmas tree. At the same time, gold adds a sense of elegance and luxury. Red and gold Christmas decorations are great to invest in, as the scheme to return year after year. Traditions stand the test of time.
  4. WOODEN DECORATIONS will experience a huge revival this year. Traditional designs, like on the German Christmas market, are set to become hugely popular. Laser-cut wooden decorations are a great way to add warmth. Opt for decorations that have been cut and engraved using light. They usually have ornate detailing and a distinctive darker edge on pale wood. Gone are the days when it was just the tree getting decorated. Christmas decorations have expanded to all areas throughout the home. Keep an eye out for the wooden decorations that have space to put a tea-light behind them. These will add a touch of magic to your home.
  5. SNOWY SCANDY is pure and simple yuletide. Pom-pom snowballs provide festive fun. Together with textured layers and a nordic-winter palette, they bring a cozy atmosphere. This is all about conjuring up snowy Scandinavia with silver decorations, glitter, and icy whites. Add playful light-up baubles, starry garlands, and super-sized tinsel to enjoy a darker Nordic mood. Choose a dusky pine Christmas tree and feel cozy inside with warm metallic details.

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