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Corridor, Entrance Hall - high traffic area

non slip pads

The hallway is the first room guests usually see in your house. Of course, this place is most susceptible to street dirt, dust, scuffing. To decide which floor is better to choose for the hallway, you need to analyze its features. On the one hand, the floor must be weather resistant and durable. But there is another side because the hallway is a kind of visiting card of your home, the floor is the first thing guests usually pay attention to first of all. This means that the floor should be beautiful, fit the overall design, and immediately impress and welcome guests and hosts. The most popular materials are porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles. They are not afraid of any blows, wash well, clean themselves: dirt, traces of rubber shoes can be easily cleaned. So, here are the main criteria for choosing the flooring for your corridor:

  • durability;
  • easy to care;
  • resistance to chemicals (household chemicals);
  • maximum service life;
  • anti-slip effect - it is easy to slip in wet shoes;
  • aesthetics of the flooring for a better impression.

And If you do not want your hallway furniture to slide and scratch your flooring - anti-slip rubber furniture pads are a must!

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