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Dogs chewing electrical cords

floor cord coversAs your puppy grows, you may notice that their communication language is chewing different stuff or even biting you. But the problem of biting is considered to be less damaging than experiencing finding destroyed furniture or chewed electric cords. The last one may even cause serious health damage to your little friend. 

Why Are Dogs Attracted To Electrical Cords?

To begin, keep in mind that a dog may chew on almost everything within his reach, including his toys, furniture, indoor plants, and so on. 

The fact that most dogs can reach electrical lines is a concern in and of itself. Furthermore, power cords have a distinct look, at least in the eyes of a dog. Chew sticks are similar to these cords. 

You must recognize the risks of your dog chewing on electrical cords as a caring and responsible pet parent.

So what are the consequences of such innocent games?

You may notice that your pet has mouth sores or around it, drooling, or reluctance to eat it could be from electric cord damage. Occasionally, more serious consequences can result, such as heart and lung damage. Evidence of a more severe problem could include coughing or difficulty breathing. In severe cases, the dog might also develop seizures. 

Mild or severe, you definitely need to seek veterinary attention if you notice any of these signs. 

How to Prevent Your Dog From Chewing Electrical Cables?

When your dog comes upon electricity lines, his chewing instincts normally kick in. As a result, the most effective option would be to keep the cords out of reach of the dog. We recommend using floor cord covers so your pet will be safe and sound, as well as your nerve system!

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