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Messy cooking

silicone stove gap covers

Two things come along with cooking - tasty food and a lot of mess to clean up. Hopefully, the first one is easy to cope with as everyone enjoys good homemade food. But for the process of cleaning after the meal preparations exists a special place in hell. 

So we have found some tips to make your life easier and less nerve-damaging.

The tips: 

  • Take care of your linens and get them washed, even if you feel that they are nice and clean. A certain amount of spatter is unavoidable. The remedy is to wash the linens as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove the stains.


  • Think about your future self and make a great deal by washing all the dishes straight after cooking. Nothing is more annoying than a clogged sink that needs to be dealt with after dinner.


  • Empty any remaining grease into a container. You'll have an easier job scrubbing if you pour the surplus into a jar beforehand. Plus, because oil is bad for your pipes, it prevents your sink from clogging.


  • Try using our silicone stove gap cover to avoid excess grease that won't come off until you waste hours cleaning all the kitchen surfaces with a toothpick, as those small corners won't allow you to make it any faster. 


Always take care of your kitchen and enjoy being free from constant cleaning after the meal!

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