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How to prepare the house for a hot summer

rubber pads

It might be difficult to hide from the all-consuming heat during the hot summer. Nowadays, the water basins and wet sheets all over the house have been replaced by high-tech and convenient air conditioners, fans, and thermostats. Here are our top tips on how to effectively protect your home from the heat.

1: Refresh the environment 

Gather all unnecessary winter stuff (warm plaids, cotton blankets, wool rugs) and send them for seasonal vacation - in a far cupboard. Emphasize things made of natural linen, cotton, or silk.

2: Get rid of the dust 

There is a lot more dust in the house in the summer than in the cooler season. It is necessary to regularly monitor the cleanliness of upholstered furniture and carpets. A vacuum cleaner with a water filter is the best for cleaning them. 

3: Ventilate the attic 

The attic in a private house heats up faster than the lower floors. And the hot air from above can gradually penetrate into the rest of the building. Your outside windows should be accessible and easy to ventilate if your attic is not air-conditioned,

4: Prepare your air conditioner 

Installing an air conditioner is an excellent solution for creating a comfortable microclimate in your home. The quality and service life of this device largely depends on its proper operation. Before the summer it is desirable to clean all filters from dust, wash and clean drainage, clean the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit from fluff and dust. This can be done with the help of a washing machine. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

5: Keep electrical appliances away from the air conditioner 

Electrical appliances emit heat when they are running, which can confuse the air conditioner or thermostat. As a result, they will work harder than they should, which will not be good for their energy efficiency and service life.

6: Protect windows from the sun 

Dense, light-tight curtains or blinds, tall plants on window sills and around the house can help you hide from the hot, sunny rays. Don't forget to drape the windows before you leave to keep the room at a comfortable temperature during your absence. Another method for sun protection is a thermal film on windows.

7. Protect your furniture and floors: 

Rubber feet for furniture will keep your furniture in place, will protect your floors from scratching, and will keep your house from unpleasant noise. Thus, your house will be tidier, look more freer and more breathable.

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