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Summer interiors: how to transform your home

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Is there an acute lack of summer in the atmosphere? We know where to find it. 

First of all, summer interiors have a feeling of green freshness and bright sunshine in the apartment. You can create your own piece of summer even in a tiny space where you can bathe your soul regardless of the weather. The atmosphere of a resort, a country veranda or a country garden: anything is possible in a summer interior!

Bright accents in the interior: a bedroom in yellow

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Modern, trendy and life-affirming bedroom interior in yellow tones: for those who prefer to surround themselves with positivity.

Nautical style in the interior

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The main features of the nautical style is a combination of white and blue colors in the decoration of the room. A dearth of nautical decorative items? No photos from the sea, no starfish, not even a glass vase with corks from wine you drank in summer? Not a problem - just play with colors.

Sea-inspired décor: summer in your kitchen

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The kitchen "a la fisherman's house" will appeal to all fans of the nautical theme. With a limited budget, you can paint your home chairs in white. It will give the interior the necessary lightness. As decorative elements, you can use a white thick rope (for example, to tie the curtains in the kitchen), transparent vases, seashells, images of fish, etc.

Mint in the interior: cool and fresh

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Mint kitchen solves several problems at once: brings joy (and coolness), does not tire the eye, expands the space. However, experts recommend combining mint with pastel or gold shades, so that the degree of coolness is kept at the optimal level for comfort.

Summer kitchen ideas: stock up on colored plates

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No matter how you look at it, yellow and orange are the most summery colors in the palette. Add some color with brightly colored tableware and enjoy the summer mood.

How to save an updated interior

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No one wants to watch a piece of decor deteriorate or wear out after you've updated the interior of your apartment or house. After all, a piece of the soul was put into it. We recommend stocking up on felt protectors for furniture. They can be attached to any surface or attribute of your room, and thus ensure its long life.

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