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How to care for eco-leather furniture

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Eco-leather upholstered furniture looks stylish and very practical in everyday life. Moreover, we protect our environment by making a choice towards eco-materials. Also, it is so pleasant to spend time on the eco-leather sofa, combining a delicious meal with watching TV.

However, how to properly care for such upholstery in order to extend the lifespan?

Remember a few simple rules that will greatly facilitate care:

  • remove dust only with a slightly damp, well-wrung out cloth or napkin;
  • do not rub or press hard on the upholstery when wet cleaning the sofa;
  • use napkins made of soft fabrics - microfiber or soft cotton;
  • place such furniture away from heating appliances and direct sunlight;
  • once every six months, rub the leather upholstery of the sofa with a water-repellent compound for leather products;
  • cut the claws of your favorite dog, who considers the sofa as a place for constant pastime;
  • to maintain shine, use the same products like natural leather - creams and sprays.

What not to do when caring for eco-leather furniture:

  • do not use brushes to clean the upholstery;
  • do not use products containing chlorine and acids;
  • do not use gasoline and turpentine to remove greasy stains;
  • do not use a hairdryer for quick drying;
  • do not use abrasive powders to remove stains.

Eco-leather furniture will last longer and retain its chic appearance if you carry out timely and proper care. Clean regularly and use special creams to maintain shine and protect against moisture penetration. To remove, use foaming detergents without chlorine and acids. In most cases, your sofa can always be salvaged and protected from dirt.

How else to extend the lifespan of furniture and floors

A very simple and cheap way would be to purchase furniture sliders. Just put them under the legs of your sofa, chairs, or cabinet if you need to move them. Furniture movers will protect legs from damages and also there won’t be any scratches on your floors! 

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