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Interior Design Trends Which Going Away

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Shopping for cheap, semi-quality pieces of furniture that can be built quickly at home won't be as popular going forward.

We'll also be seeing less fast furniture in the coming years. Our rooms now see daily multifunctional use, and people are customizing them to provide flexible and adaptive living spaces.

One big space for your kitchen and living room isn't as comfortable anymore. 

Many people learned during the pandemic that your kitchen, home office, and dining area should not all be the same. Lack of privacy leads to a lack of functionality.

Those with open spaces may look to find ways to add some separation through wall dividers and other forms of privacy.

Open shelving had a major moment, but it might be coming to an end.

Over the past couple of years, people have spent more time at home and really used their kitchens.

It has become obvious that open shelving doesn't work and just ends up looking cluttered and messy, while also lacking the storage capacity of cabinets.

A combination of upper cabinets and decorative shelving will pave the way this year.

Neutrals like white, beige, and gray have all been popular colors throughout the home. But gray is phasing out the quickest.

Color schemes come and go but typically have a popularity lifeline of about a decade. Gray is coming to the end of its decade. People are growing tired of neutral colors like white, beige, and gray.

While gray color schemes were popular for their universally modern look, we should expect to see more bold and more dramatic colors.

Beautiful and stylish kitchen hoods have become a staple in many kitchens, but we may start to see less of the trend.

Traditional restaurant-style kitchen hoods will continue to disappear as residents opt for the cleaner and concealed look.

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