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Rainbow Decor is the new trend in design & interiors

rug grippers

As you may have noticed, recent interior design trends progressively go above and beyond and break the mould of the conventional meaning of design. Nonconformity runs the show and will in the next few years shape the whole interior design world. And this is where a new offbeat trend is being born. Rainbows! Scrolling through interior design idea feeds on Instagram or reading design-related blog posts, we have been seeing colorful rainbow decisions more and more often. Colors can range from bright, neon and even holographic to softer pastel rainbow shades. SO, if you want to dip your toes into the world of colors, start decorating your space with small rainbow décor pieces like cushions, rugs, posters, bedding and other items, whatever jumps to your mind!

No matter what purpose you have, whether to bring inspiration, catch fun and positive vibes, transform your room into a not-so-serious space, that encourages you to daydream and create or use it as a symbol of ”Pride”, rainbow décor will definitely bring you happiness and joy and make your days less gray!

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