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What colors to choose for the bedroom interior?

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Each color has a certain effect on people, and that’s why it is important to choose the right colors when creating the interior of any room, especially bedrooms. And as well as the color mood is important, the size of the room can be tricked using specific colors.

So what are the best colors for your bedroom, depending on your mood?

Here we chose 5 main colors and described their effects on each person:

BLUE This color creates a peaceful atmosphere and coziness in the bedroom. 

PINK The pink color will give a charge of cheerfulness and positiveness from the very morning. 

WHITE Calming and relaxing white is ideal for bedroom decor. However, to avoid monotony, you should use accessories and textiles in juicy colors. 

BEIGE Beige tones create a warm and safe feeling in the bedroom. 

GREEN Green is commonly associated with health and wellness. Natural shades are even said to relieve stress naturally. 

It's a common belief that colors have different powers that can influence your living. But never ban colors you like. If you feel that black walls will have better energy for you, then why paint them white or pink?

But what are the colors that may help your room look bigger?

Here's how you use color to make a space appear larger:

Light paint colors are popular in the design industry for making a room appear larger and brighter. Light and brilliant walls reflect more light, making a place feel open and airy and maximizing the influence of natural light. Dark colors absorb light and make spaces feel smaller. Another option is to use accent walls to make a space appear larger. Accent walls offer a splash of color to the room without becoming too dominating.

So, which colors make a space appear larger? Use soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens for the best impact, and remember that brighter spaces feel bigger and more welcoming. And here's a bonus tip: Use a lighter hue for your wall trim and moldings than you do for your walls. The walls will appear to be further back. As a result, making your living space appear even larger.


It’s up to you to choose which color you want to use when making the interior of your bedroom, but you should understand which power they have and what effect you are planning to achieve.

And to make your bedroom more comfortable X-Protector offers you our furniture felt pads, which will protect your floor from damages. And the variety of colors of our felt pads ensures that they will fit all colors of your bedroom. 

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