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Why is white color better for a room?

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White is considered one of the basic colors in the interior. Designers in America and Europe strongly endorsed white in interiors over 100 years ago. In the 20-the 30s of the last century, crystal-snow rooms were considered a priority for aristocrats, and a sign of luxury. 

Advantages that white color has: 

  • white color expands a small room when used in large blocks; 
  • white color can hide architectural flaws, and at the same time, emphasize expensive curly stucco moldings; 
  • with the help of white color, you can easily and harmoniously beat the interior of a huge hall. 

If you ever felt that white color has different energy in different houses - in some, you feel cozier and warmer, and in the others more fettered, that's because white has a variety of shades and undertones.

Best White Paint Colors

Popular white wall paint colors for living rooms include:

  1. antique white paint
  2. eggshell white paint
  3. linen white paint
  4. bone white paint
  5. china white paint

Each one has a slightly different undertone and foundation. Benjamin Moore's Decorators White is popular. It's a warm white with no gray, green, or blue overtones.

How to choose white paint?

The quantity of natural light in your living room, your existing furniture (if you're retaining it), the style of your home, your taste, and the mood you want to create all play a role in choosing the ideal white paint color.

White paint with a blue or green undertone can make a room feel chilly and ominous. A white with a dash of yellow or red undertones may be your preference.


However, we all know and appreciate that a white room with vibrant colors requires extra attention and effort to clean them up. 

After all, it's much easier to stain or damage surfaces than to clean them. Furniture protectors, such as felt pads or non-slip pads, are recommended. If you protect furniture from sliding, your floor will always seem new as your white walls if giving them periodic care. Our furniture felt pads will keep your furniture looking neat without any extra attention from your side!

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