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  • felt furniture pads

    How to protect a wooden floor from furniture?

    All kinds of wooden floors have unique natural beauty and go with any decor — modern, traditional, country, you name it. It has long been a classic home feature and goes in any room, although kitchens and basements warrant special...

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  • felt furniture pads

    Bring vintage to your interior

    Once again, it should be reminded – what goes around comes around. All trends from the past are crawling their way back in its original or tailored look. Same happens with what we call vintage stuff.
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  • Anti-trends for kitchen interior design

    Anti-trends for kitchen interior design

    We are always trying to help you create a stylish trendy yet individual design. But not only clothes go out of fashion, it also happens with interior design and today we want to share some unfashionable trends you might want...

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  • non slip furniture pads

    Non slip floor protectors: what are they?

    You have probably heard about non slip furniture pads and wondered what is exactly the purpose of them. Let us share some main features of non slip furniture pads: - By gripping furniture legs to the floor you stop all...

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  • furniture moving pads

    Make up vanities in 2020

    These cute little vanities we used to see a lot in the past are not that common nowadays. Girls tend to choose bathroom for their make up routine and do not want to clutter their bedroom with extra furniture. But...

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  • rug grippers

    Life hacks for loggia design

    We always get inspired by lovely design of loggia. Sometimes people even turn them into a full-fledged rest area, just putting a comfortable recliner with small coffee table and some plants may create a very cozy room for your mornings...

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  • furniture felt pads

    Kitchen of two colors

    Even though we have seen a lot of iconic white kitchens, eventually trends change or gaining new forms. Kitchen design is not an exception. According to John McDonald, founder and CEO of Semihandmade, much popular white kitchens will be slowly...

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  • furniture sliders for wingback bed

    Wingback bed

    Wingback bed — one of the latest trends to hit the market. Bed frames of a minimalist style are getting less popular than more fascinating and cozy-looking headboard options. The wingback bed creates warmer and charming design. Somehow it «hugs»...

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  • Perfect kitchen island

    Perfect kitchen island

    Having a beautiful kitchen island is important for many girls who watched popular TV series or movies in their childhood and saw this ideal picture of mom cooking dinner, kids playing around, flowers standing in the center. And even though...

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  • rug gripper

    Rug Grippers by X-Protector

    Would you like to keep your rug in a place? Rug Grippers by X-Protector will solve this issue on 100%. Rug Grippers by X-Protector are the U.S. Patented. Avoid cheap copies.

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  • area rugs

    Area rugs with patterns

    Home designs in the recent past were mostly about cooler tones and geometric or abstract rug styles. But this season shows that many designers are turning towards warm and more welcoming shades. And this certainly reminds us of handmade oriental...

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